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July 2023

In this Radio 4 Series ‘The Madness’, journalist Fergal Keane reads from his memoir about his struggle with PTSD, haunted by the horrors he bore witness to in Rwanda in 2008. In this episode he talks about his experience of having EMDR therapy (at 05:40 minutes):

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March 2023

EMDR therapy was at the heart of Radio 4 play written by Eileen Horne, with EMDR UK member Dr Martha Ferrito credited as consultant.

Here’s the synopsis:
“Can past trauma rediscovered via EMDR therapy provide the key to Isla’s state of mind? Isla and Marcus escape apparently unhurt from a car accident. Marcus bounces back but Isla remains disturbed by the incident. She turns to EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitisation and Reprocessing) specialist Bill Shepherd to discover if a “landmine” of past trauma could hold the key.”

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February 2023

Dr Robin Logie was interviewed about EMDR therapy for author Horatio Clare’s fascinating new series on BBC Radio 4, ‘Is Psychiatry Working?’  Listen here: (18:24 minutes into the programme)

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November 2022

BBC Radio 4 ‘Woman’s Hour’ dedicated a programme to the issue of stalking, marking ten years on from a change in the law.  TV presenter Isla Traquair, is interviewed about her traumatic ordeal with a neighbour which led to her suffering from PTSD.  She mentions that she recently started having EMDR therapy for this. Her interview starts at around 31:50 into the programme.

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February 2022

On ‘Room 5’, BBC Radio 4, Helena Merriman interviewed journalist Gavanndra Hodge, who supressed traumatic memories of her sister’s death for more than 20 years. She talks in detail about how EMDR helped her process those memories, and her therapist is also interviewed. The part about EMDR therapy begins at 12:59 into the programme. (There are more media links about Gavanndra Hodge and her book The Consequences of Love lower down this page.)

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September 2021

Writer and former deputy editor of Tatler magazine, Gavanndra Hodge, was interviewed on Radio 4’s Saturday Live about supressing her grief when her younger sister Candy died suddenly at the age of 9 when Cassandra was 14 years old.  They’d had an unconventional and chaotic upbringing with a father who was a hairdresser and drug dealer to the Chelsea upper classes. As an adult Gavandra turned to EMDR therapy to help her process her trauma and grief.

Her interview begins at 47:47 into the programme.

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March 2021

The acclaimed travel and nature writer Horatio Clare suffered a mental breakdown in 2018 experiencing psychotic episodes and mania. In his new book ‘Heavy Light’, he describes the experience, how he was able to come off medication and how EMDR helped him in the healing process.

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Horatio Clare on Financial Times Radio (see above for introduction)

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EMDR Association President Elect Matt Wesson was interviewed by presenter Mariella Frostrup for The Times Radio about EMDR and how it works.  The interview starts at 02.05:40 into the programme which was broadcast on 10 March.

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July 2020

EMDR Consultant Justin Havens answered questions and discussed a wide range of trauma-related mental health issues on Talk Radio, including post-traumatic stress disorder and how it’s little known that a range of more ‘ordinary’ things such as bullying can cause it; a question about childhood sexual abuse and the need to find the right kind of trauma therapy; and the impact of coronavirus and lockdown.  He also gave advice to a father whose teenage daughter had recently been through a very traumatic experience – a shooting in a shopping mall in the US – and didn’t want to talk about it.

TALK Radio Link

October 2019

A programme about Post Traumatic Stress Disorder on Radio 4’s You and Yours highlights that EMDR is a first line treatment and includes several calls from listeners who benefited from the therapy.

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July 2017

Sally and Gemma, the mother and sister of murdered schoolgirl Milly Dowler, talk to the Evening Standard about how they have both found new hope for the future thanks to EMDR therapy.

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Listen to Sally & Gemma Dowler’s interview on BBC Woman’s Hour

July 2016

BBC Radio 4’s iPM programme discusses EMDR and how it has helped victims of bullying.

Listen to the episode here

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