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EMDR Europe logoThis is the professional Association of EMDR clinicians and researchers seeking the highest standards for the clinical practice of EMDR in the United Kingdom and Ireland.

You can find out about membership and accreditation here and discover how to become a member. And, if you’re already a member, there is an extensive membership section available to you.

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Important information for potential EMDR trainees

You may come across individuals claiming to teach EMDR therapy who are not EMDR Europe Accredited Trainers and are running non-accredited courses.

Please make sure that you read the following information before you undertake such training.

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Important message for potential clients

Be very cautious about claims that a therapy is “like EMDR” or contains bits of EMDR.
According to American Psychological Association ethical guidelines, all prescribed therapies should be done according to the standardised procedures that have been examined by research.

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The Trauma Response Network (TRN) is a charity which provides free and immediate mass trauma support by qualified therapists.

Formerly known as HAP UK and Ireland, Trauma Aid UK is a charity supporting traumatized communities globally. If you are an EMDR Supervisor you can volunteer to offer supervision for newly trained clinicians in other countries.