Kath Norgate

Kath Norgate

President, Trustee & Volunteer, Chair of the Executive Committee, Accreditation Committee and Eligibility Working Group

It all began in Amsterdam June 2009. A small group of us, UK delegates attending the EMDR Europe conference, were at a canal side café sitting outdoors enjoying the coffee, the sunshine and the conversation (mostly about EMDR). Robin Logie was one of our number, he had just become president elect and was struggling to find someone to take over his portfolio as Treasurer. I’m not sure how he did it but I found myself agreeing to think about it and to join a board meeting to see what it involved. The rest is history. During my term of office I have assisted the Association’s transition to a Charitable Company, along with the other trustees I have supported the membership to grow from less than 1,000 to well over 4,000, and have played a role in supporting the Association to develop a sound financial footing.  For the future, I am keen to facilitate a professional administrative structure that is less reliant on the goodwill of Trustee volunteers.  I am passionate about EMDR and outside of my board work, having retired from the NHS, I continue working independently as an Accredited EMDR Europe Consultant as well as assisting in EMDR Trainings. I am a registered EMDR Institute Facilitator.

Why did you choose to train (or retrain) in EMDR therapy?

One of my supervisees told me about this unusual therapeutic approach called EMDR. When I stopped laughing, she told me she had taken the training, told me a little more and gave me a copy of 'EMDR: Clinical Applications with Children' from Association for Child Psychology and Psychiatry Occasional Paper No19. I read it and was so impressed that I booked myself on the Training. Thank you, Helen.

What is your favourite place on the planet?

A shack close to the foot of Dune du Pilat d'Arcachon, sat at a table on the decking in the sunshine, looking out at the boats sailing the Passe Sud on the Bay of Biscay, blue sky, the gentle lapping of a turquoise sea... What could be better?