Ben Wright

Ben Wright

Chair of the Scientific & Research Committee; Board Member and Trustee; Volunteer

As well as being an EMDR UK Association Trustee, I am clinical lead for the Richmond Wellbeing Service and Associate Medical Director for Clinical Information at ELFT. I proposed and set up the Newham IAPT National Demonstration site and I’m the original commissioner and clinical designer of IAPTUS. I’m visiting professor at NOVA medical school in Lisbon.

Why did you choose to train (or retrain) in EMDR therapy?

With a long-standing interest in trauma and 25 years experience in CBT, colleagues spoke highly of EMDR and I knew we needed something that would be quicker and less onerous than the long arduous slog required by CBT. Without homework and quick, EMDR has proven to be the “magic wand” I wish I’d had earlier in my career.

What is your favourite place on the planet?

For me, people make places special, and whether it is a quiet beach in Yucatan, a walk in the dales or coffee shop in London, spending time with the people that I care about makes a place special.