A therapist describes why her initial scepticism about EMDR changed to conviction, and gives readers five key pointers about the therapy in Psychology Today:

This Attitude Magazine article by leading therapist Rebecca Case provides a simple description of EMDR therapy and who it can help:

In this Radio 4 Series ‘The Madness’, journalist Fergal Keane reads from his memoir about his struggle with PTSD, haunted by the horrors he bore witness to in Rwanda in 2008. In this episode he talks about his experience of having EMDR therapy (at 05:40 minutes):

Men’s Health magazine takes up the theme of trauma, and describes a range of trauma therapies including EMDR:

As Miley Cyrus says EMDR helped her heal from traumatic experiences, EMDR UK member Sanja Oakley answers questions about the therapy in this article for British Vogue.

Comedian and performer Ruby Wax recently diarised her experience of having EMDR therapy as part of her treatment as an inpatient, in her new book ‘I’m not as Well as I thought I Was’. You can read an extract here:

This article in Health News provides a simple description of the different phases of EMDR therapy:

Marie Claire magazine looks at how EMDR therapy is helping women deal with postpartum depression, anxiety and other perinatal mental health issues.

In this article for Harpers Bazaar, writer Hannah Fox describes how through EMDR therapy she finally recovered from complex PTSD.

EMDR therapy was at the heart of Radio 4 play written by Eileen Horne, with EMDR UK member Dr Martha Ferrito credited as consultant.

Here’s the synopsis:
“Can past trauma rediscovered via EMDR therapy provide the key to Isla’s state of mind? Isla and Marcus escape apparently unhurt from a car accident. Marcus bounces back but Isla remains disturbed by the incident. She turns to EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitisation and Reprocessing) specialist Bill Shepherd to discover if a “landmine” of past trauma could hold the key.”

TV presenter Sophie Morgan was paralysed from the chest down at the age of 18 following a car crash. She is now having EMDR after managing without therapy for many years, despite suffering from PTSD.

Dr Robin Logie was interviewed about EMDR therapy for author Horatio Clare’s fascinating new series on BBC Radio 4, ‘Is Psychiatry Working?’  Listen here: (18:24 minutes into the programme)

Although one in three women describe giving birth as traumatic, medics typically define birth issues through physical rather than psychological injuries. This article is a clear, simple introduction to birth trauma and recommends EMDR therapy for those who experience mental health issues during pregnancy, birth or postpartum.

This amazing little girl survived the shooting at her school in Uvade, Texas in May 2022, and is now an advocate for changes to gun laws in the US. This article describes how it took a long time for her PTSD to be diagnosed and to finally find help with EMDR therapy.

Whilst trauma has been well-studied in relation to post-traumatic stress disorder, there has never been a review to systematically test whether it is a risk factor for a range of mental disorders like depression and anxiety. Benedikt Amann and his team conducted the first such review, including 14 meta-analyses and a total of 106 studies, involving 16,277 psychiatric cases and 77,586 control subjects. He says “…our work underlines that psychological trauma is one of the most robust and preventable risk factors for suffering a mental disorder later on.”