Article about celebrities who are choosing to have EMDR therapy, and an exploration of the therapy and its effectiveness:

‘Eye Movements Could be the Missing Link in Our Understanding of Memory’: this article in Neuroscience News is by the authors of a new study published by the Royal Society.  It reveals that ‘…the replay of a sequence of eye movements helps boost memory reconstruction.’ They also theorise about the implications of this research for understanding the underlying mechanisms in EMDR therapy.

This comprehensive ‘what to expect’ article explains how EMDR therapy is different to talking therapies. It can be helpful not only for PTSD but for many issues from panic attacks to depression, and for all age groups.

A fascinating take on ‘How and Why EMDR Works’ in Psychology Today from philosopher Bence Nanay. Based at Antwerp and Cambridge Universities, he holds a major grant to work on integrating philosophy, psychology and neuroscience.

The Irish Sun reported on the symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder and named EMDR as one of the two main treatments.

A documentary about war reporter Fergal Keane who suffers from PTSD was broadcast on BBC2 on 9th May 2022. He meets with his EMDR therapist to whom he says “I think you helped to save my life,” and broadcasts part of a session, (starting 34:38 into the programme).

This article to mark Mental Health Awareness Week is about celebrities being open about their mental health issues. Prince Harry had EMDR therapy to help him deal with the trauma of grief.

This article on website Psychcentral looks at PTSD, and how neuroplasticity and EMDR work to heal childhood trauma.

On ‘Room 5’, BBC Radio 4, Helena Merriman interviewed journalist Gavanndra Hodge, who supressed traumatic memories of her sister’s death for more than 20 years. She talks in detail about how EMDR helped her process those memories, and her therapist is also interviewed. The part about EMDR therapy begins at 12:59 into the programme. (There are more media links about Gavanndra Hodge and her book The Consequences of Love lower down this page.)

Dawn of Ashes, an Industrial Mental band from Los Angeles, has released a new single entitled ‘EMDR’ written by lead singer Kristof Bathory, inspired by his experience of having EMDR therapy.