Spirituality SIG

The EMDR and Spirituality SIG was established in 2019 in order to explore the aims cited below, essentially to support a BioPsychoSocialSpiritual approach to treating trauma with EMDR clients.

A person’s existence is multi-layered comprising a physical, a mental and an energetic interweaving where life itself holds the mystery of that composition, including a spiritual element. In essence to explore whether the clinician, fully allowing for the client’s spiritual context and meeting them from that perspective allows a fuller integration of the trauma presented.

Spirituality is still claimed by many people as part of how they relate more meaningfully to the world, in spite of religiosity having been largely relegated. Many of the practitioners who have joined this SIG, experience life as imbued with spirit and so recognise we take that into every client session. Although there is no expectation of similar beliefs from the client, it can be presumed that this may well also be the case and that this can currently be lost in general history taking. It is therefore important for many clients to feel their spiritual beliefs are accepted when they come for a trauma-based healing since they will experience these beliefs as the core of their being.

We are also exploring ways of strengthening our own spiritual foundations whether rooted in worldwide religions or indigenous belief systems. The commonality is a sense of heart felt compassion being an important driver as well as an openness to a wider sense of self. Experiences form the bedrock of who we are and the journey we embark on from birth is a deepening process for the soul’s journey.

A further interesting outcome emerging from the discussions is how many of us experienced spiritual insights as part of our own personal work in EMDR. Again, when this is the case for our clients, an open reassurance in hearing this this is part of a respectful witnessing and an integration of experience.

Aims of a Specialist Interest Group in EMDR and Spirituality

To support a BioPsychoSocialSpiritual approach to treating trauma with EMDR clients. To offer a safe, respectful, compassionate, non-judgmental way of supporting colleagues and clients who are open to exploring a spiritual approach in their lives. 

In order to work spirituality with clients it is important that a clinician is comfortable in their own spirituality as well as what their clients may bring.  Clinicians often are embarking on their own spiritual journey during this time and this will be encouraged and supported within the group.

Explore possible research ideas for EMDR spirituality(including mindfulness). Sharing of ideas and resources for working spiritually with EMDR clients. To enable case discussion of using a BioPsychoSocialSpiritual approach with EMDR clients.

To work within one’s own area of expertise and competence and uphold the requirements and expectations of the EMDR Association. To determine whether specific training or teaching in this area would be beneficial to members
and identify ways of providing this.

Our Current committee comprises:

Chair – Alexandra Dent
Treasurer – Nic Hartshorne
Secretary – Amanda Wood

Ordinary members:

Julie Dorey
Tony Lacey 
Maxine Sherrell

If you would like to join the group, please email Alexandra: info@alexandradent.co.uk