CPD events

Back 2 Basics – Ian Plagaro – 12.09.2024


9:00 am, 12 Sep 2024–12 Sep 2024

12th September 2024 – 09.00am – 16.30pm INTRODUCTION: When Ian trained as an EMDR Training Facilitator he found that going back to basics was invaluable to his own practice, despite being an experienced Consultant.  Consequently, he developed this workshop which reviews the fundamentals of EMDR.  Feedback from participants who have previously attended Ian’s workshop has […]

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Clinician Toolbox for Adaptation of EMDR Therapy to People with Intellectual Disability – Joseph C. Yaskin, MSS, LCSW – 08.11.2024

2:00 pm, 8 Nov 2024–8 Nov 2024

8th November – 14.00pm – 17.00pm INTRODUCTION: People with intellectual disability (ID) experience neglect and abuse at much higher rates than the general population. They also suffer trauma consequent to social exclusion and stigma. This vulnerable population suffers unequal access to mental health care, in part because of “diagnostic overshadowing,” where treatable psychiatric disorders are […]

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Kent Regional Group Workshop

Louise Mackinney

9:30 am, 9 Nov 2024–9 Nov 2024

EMDR Therapy with Personality Disordered clients, and non-verbal trauma reprocessing with Dr Louise Mackinney. The workshop will focus on working with people with Personality Disorders, particularly Borderline PD / EUPD, but also looking at other Personality Disorders. We will focus on issues that may arise with the standard protocol for people with different PDs, particularly […]

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