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Become an EMDR Europe accredited therapist

Accreditation is a mark of your competence and trustworthiness as an EMDR therapist. As an accredited therapist, people looking for help can feel confident knowing that you have reached a certain level of experience and expertise and have accountability in place.

Once you have accreditation from EMDR Europe (the overarching body of which the EMDR Association UK is a member), you can be listed on this website under the ‘Find a Therapist’ feature so that potential clients or referrers can find you. You can only accredit if you have completed an EMDR Europe training and have supervision from an EMDR Europeconsultant.

EMDR therapists can be accredited at 3 levels – Practitioner, Consultant and Trainer. Practitioner and Consultant accreditation details are below. Details on how to become an EMDR Trainer can be found here:


Accreditation as an EMDR Europe Practitioner

Accredited Practitioners are recognised as having demonstrated their competence in the practice of EMDR under supervision of an EMDR Consultant. They are entitled to have their details listed on the Association’s website.

Apply online (beta)

Instead of the PDF application forms you may now try out our digitised application form – the process is done entirely online. More details here.

Apply offline

If you prefer, for the foreseeable future you can still apply in the old way using PDFs forms.

In order to see the criteria and the application form for accreditation as a Practitioner please download the following:

Please submit one application form only.




Both updated June 2023

On page 15 Additional information: the accreditation committee expects the referring consultant to write a detailed descriptive reference including such information as clinical background of applicant, client group and work setting as well as appreciation of visees particular skills/strengths and perhaps something of their journey towards accreditation. This should be no shorter than 250 words and no longer than 750.

Child & Adolescent (C&A) Practitioner

If you are a C&A Practitioner, please ignore the above and use this form:

C&A Practitioner accreditation application form (updated June 2023)

Supporting documents

The Algorithm Excel Spreadsheet can be used, if desired, as an aid to supervision OR to calculate scores to enter in the Algorithm version of the Practitioner Application Form

An extracted Section V (Reference page) from the main form. This will enable you to send the second reference off separately if you need to.

Scanned supporting documents must be sent by email only to accreditationadmin@emdrassociation.org.uk.

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Accreditation as an EMDR Europe Consultant

Accredited Consultants are accredited Practitioners who have received further training and supervision as well as having extensive experience in the practice of EMDR. They are qualified to supervise EMDR therapists who are working towards becoming accredited Practitioners and Consultants.

To see the criteria and the application form for accreditation as a Consultant please download the following:



(Please note completion by a supervising Consultant who is a close family member will not be accepted.)

Accreditation fee: £85.00 (Please ignore the amount stated in the application form, the increased fee will appear on the form soon)

Re-accreditation fee: £45.00

Non-UK Resident Accreditation fee: £105
If you are a member applying from outside the UK, you will need to complete the Non-UK Resident declaration form.

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Re-Accreditation as a therapist with EMDR Europe

Accreditation with EMDR Europe as a Practitioner or Consultant lasts for five years. You will need to apply for re-accreditation at the end of this period.

If you have a break in your EMDR Association UK membership of more than three months, e.g. if your membership has lapsed, you must also apply for re-accreditation.

Please read the re-accreditation criteria in the document below.

Re-accreditation criteria

Scanned supporting documents must be sent by email only to accreditationadmin@emdrassociation.org.uk.

Please submit your application as one continuous document.

Re-accreditation criteria and application form (PDF)

Applications will be considered through the EMDR UK and Ireland Accreditation Committee. If successful the period of renewal will be for a further five-year period.

Re-accreditation fee: £45.00

Non-UK Resident Re-accreditation fee: £65

If you are a member applying from outside the UK, you will need to complete the Non-UK Resident declaration form.

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1. I have just joined the Association. Can cases I have worked on before becoming a member be counted towards numbers of cases needed for accreditation?

You are required to be a member of the Association to apply for accreditation but  do not need to be a member to undertake an EMDR Accrediteded training.

2. Can supervision hours prior to membership be counted?

Please see above. You do not have to be a member of the Association to train or be supervised by an accredited consultant. You need to be a member of the Association to become accredited.

From Jan 2011 it became compulsory to add additional supervision hours to training. Part 4 provides 10 hours of supervision. Once you have completed all parts of your EMDR standard training you will have accrued 10 hours of supervision which counts towards accreditation. Please note that trainings before that date did not include a supervision element.

3. My supervisor is not an EMDR Accredited Consultant. Can this supervision be counted?

Only supervision by a EUROPE Accredited EMDR Consultant can be counted for your application for accreditation /reaccreditation

4. Since completing EMDR standard training I have attended groups run by an Accredited EMDR Consultant. Can I count the cases I have discussed at these groups towards my application for practitioner accreditation? How many hours of supervision can I count from a group supervision?

You can count cases for which you have received supervision by an Accredited EMDR Consultant if that consultant provides written confirmation of the supervision, whether that was provided in individual or group supervision. Group supervision hours are counted in the same way as individual supervision hours. Your consultant will expect you to make a significant contribution if you are to count the hours.

5. I have not yet completed the necessary hours of supervision to allow me to apply for accreditation and my supervisor is no longer able to provide me with supervision. Can my new supervisor sign off previous cases supervised by my previous supervisor?

No. Ask your previous supervisor to provide you with written confirmation of the work you have done together and sign off the cases he/she has supervised.
If you are unable to get a reference from your previous supervisor, you may only count the early cases if you discuss them in detail with your new supervisor who is then able to sign them off.

6. I have been attending a supervision group run by an accredited practitioner. Can I count these hours of supervision towards my accreditation?

No. Only supervision by an EMDR Europe Accredited Consultant is recognised for accreditation. (Though Peer Supervision can be helpful in the absence of consultant supervision.)

7. I am providing group supervision. How long should each group session last and how many participants should attend?

Ideally a group should consist of no more than 5 participants and should last for around 2 hours. EMDR Consultants need to be able to be sure that they can safely supervise the practice of all of their supervisees. EMDR Consultants need also to be able to gain a clear picture of their supervisees practice and to take into account the regularity of attendance of their supervisees at groups.

8. I cannot get permission from any of my clients to make video recordings of therapy sessions. My employers do not permit the recording of any sessions for confidentiality reasons. Can I apply for accreditation without submitting recordings ?

The guidelines make it clear that in order to fulfil the conditions for accreditation your EMDR consultant must either see recordings of your work OR have seen in vivo sessions which demonstrate your competency in the use of all eight phases of the standard protocol .

9. I work only with very young children and have to adapt substantially the standard protocol. I do not have recordings of the standard protocol. Is a recording of the adapted work sufficient?

The guidelines make it clear that in order to fulfil the conditions for accreditation your EMDR consultant must either see a recording of your work OR have seen an in vivo session which demonstrate your competency in the use of all eight phases of the standard protocol .

10. How long must the video of my work be? Does it need to show all stages of the standard protocol?

You need to be able to demonstrate competency in all eight phases of the EMDR protocol: this may be in combination with examples from your video material. Ideally you should present a number of videos over time showing various aspects of your work.

11: I have attended a number of online webinars/CPD events . Can these be counted towards my reaccreditation?

CPD credits are awarded by the EMDR UK Assoc for workshops/ conferences which fulfil the Association criteria for CPD credits. Since the start of the Covid 19 pandemic the Association has awarded credits for facilitated EMDR workshops/ conferences which are being delivered on online platforms. These are EMDR CPD events which prior to the pandemic members would have attended in person.

The EMDR UK Assoc does not award EMDR CPD credits for any pre recorded internet based courses. Such courses may be awarded credits by other organisations and you may include some credits when applying for EMDR reaccreditation.

EMDR UK Assocation awards credits to events which meet the Association's criteria and which may be delivered either in person or on online platforms.

12. The CPD credits needed for re accreditation have been increased recently . My accreditation is due now. I do not have 75 credits.

From January 2020 the number of credits required for reaccreditation as practitioners and consultants was increased to a minimum of 75 CPD credits, 50 of which must be EMDR specific CPD credits. This is an increase from the previous requirement of 50 credits overall, 25 of which were EMDR specific. The additional 25 credits now needed should be from trauma related CPD.

This increase will be introduced during the next 5 years as detailed below:
Accred. due during 2020- 5 additional credits.
Accred. due during 2021- 10 additional credits
Accred. due during 2022- 15 additional credits
Accred. due during 2023 - 20 additional credits.
Accred. due during 2024- 25 additional credits.

EMDR UK Assocation awards credits to events which meet the Association's criteria and which may be delivered either in person or on online platforms.

13. I work with Children. How many additional credits will I need now?

Applicants seeking re accreditation as Child and Adolescent Practitioners and Consultants were previously required to have a gained a minimum of 10 of the 25 EMDR specific CPD credits needed from Child and Adolescent focused workshops. By 2024 -5 a minimum of 20 of the required minimum of 50 EMDR specific credits will be from workshops for those working with children and adolescents. Credits required will increase from 10 credits by 2 credits each year until 2024-5.

14. I have not been able to work for many months because of illness/unemployment. I will not be able to fulfil the requirements for re accreditation within the 5 year time frame. What can I do?

Write to the Association mitigation lead.( The Association Administrator will provide contact details.) A member of the committee is responsible for considering all mitigating circumstances and will do so without breaching confidentiality.  It is also advisable that your EMDR Supervisor/consultant writes to the Chair stating their support for the request.

15. Do I need a reference from two EMDR consultants to support my application for re-accreditation?

For re accreditation as an EMDR Practitioner, you will need one reference from an EMDR Accredited Consultant, plus one other professional (clinical supervisor/manager) reference.

For re accreditation as an EMDR Consultant you will need references from two EMDR Accredited Consultants; one of whom needs to be able to comment on your clinical work.

17. I was not told that my membership had lapsed and I have forgotten to apply for re accreditation? Must I reapply for accreditation or simply apply for re accreditation.

It is your responsibility to keep track of your accreditation although the Association does try to notify all accredited members when reaccreditation is due. The committee does exercise some flexibility in these circumstances. If your membership has lapsed for some time you may have to reapply for accreditation.

18. My employers will not provide any funding for CPD and I have not attended any CPD events during the past 5 years. Can I still apply for re accreditation?

It is your responsibility to satisfy your registering body that you have fulfilled the CPD requirements for continuing registration. You can provide this evidence when you apply for reaccreditation.

19. I have attended EMDR supervision groups. Can I count this towards CPD hours?

CPD points are not awarded for supervision, but attendance at a supervision group fulfils one of the criteria for re accreditation and you should make reference to it in your application.

20. I have read books and articles about EMDR and given presentations on EMDR. Can this be counted towards my CPD?

It is expected that you would engage in such activities throughout your period of accreditation, but this would be over and above your attendance at CPD events.

21. I have not put anyone forward for accreditation during the period of my consultancy? Can I still apply for re accreditation?

We recognise that you may be supervising people who do not wish or are not ready to seek accreditation. Putting people forward for accreditation is not a requirement for re accreditation though we would like you to encourage supervisees to apply for accreditation.

22. I have not supervised anyone during my period as an EMDR consultant Can I still apply for re accreditation?

The creation of the role EMDR consultant is not meant as a title to provide status. You are encouraged provide supervision and your lack of provision of supervision may be a factor when considering your reaccreditation. It is implicit that the role of EMDR Consultant to provide EMDR clinical supervision.

24. I have been providing supervision for someone whose practice and competency concern me. Do I report this to their professional registering body or to the EMDR association?

You should let your supervisee know that you have a duty inform both their registering body and the EMDR Association.

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Please make your payment, using your full name as a reference, to EMDR Association UK

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