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Clinician Toolbox for Adaptation of EMDR Therapy to People with Intellectual Disability – Joseph C. Yaskin, MSS, LCSW – 08.11.2024

2:00 pm, 8 Nov 2024–8 Nov 2024

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8th November – 14.00pm – 17.00pm


People with intellectual disability (ID) experience neglect and abuse at much higher rates than the general population. They also suffer trauma consequent to social exclusion and stigma. This vulnerable population suffers unequal access to mental health care, in part because of “diagnostic overshadowing,” where treatable psychiatric disorders are mis-attributed to the cognitive disability. A robust body of research literature demonstrates that people with intellectual disability – and their caregivers – benefit from psychotherapy. Additional literature suggests that EMDR Therapy is effective treating complex trauma in populations of people with ID, with adaptations applied to accommodate cognitive limitations.

This workshop will briefly survey the epidemiology of trauma, and barriers to appropriate care, in populations of people with ID. The presenter will provide case summaries and an overview of research literature that suggest EMDR Therapy, with adaptation of protocols, is an effective treatment for trauma for people with ID. Subsequent to this introduction, the presenter will describe, in detail, adaptations of EMDR Therapy that participants can employ to engage in this rewarding work.

Learning Outcomes:

  1. Describe stigma, social exclusion, and vulnerability to abuse that kindles trauma in this vulnerable population.
  2. Summarize evidence in the literature that establishes effectiveness of psychotherapy for people with ID, as well as evidence suggesting effectiveness of EMDR Therapy.
  3. Discuss characteristics of the population that guide adaptations of psychotherapy in general, and EMDR Therapy in particular.
  4. Describe adaptations of EMDR Therapy specific to three or more phases of the standard protocol to accommodate intellectual disability.

About the Presenter: Joseph C. Yaskin, MSS, LCSW

Mr. Yaskin is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker practicing in Pennsylvania, USA. His practice is limited to treating Complex PTSD and dissociative disorders. From 2008 to 2014, he provided assessment, training and clinical consultation as an independent contractor for behavior support services to people with intellectual disability in Pennsylvania. Mr. Yaskin is a member of ISSTD and EMDR International Association, and is EMDRIA-qualified as a Certified EMDR Practitioner and Consultant-in-Training. Publications include: Left Out and Left Behind: EMDR and the Cultural Construction of Intellectual Disability, Yaskin, J. & Seubert, A., in “Cultural Competence and Healing Culturally Based Trauma with EMDR Therapy,”  Mark Nickerson, Ed., Springer Publishing, 2016 and 2022

The session will be recorded and will be available for 28 days after the event. 

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