Dr.-Millia-BeguDate: 3rd June Thursday 2021 (9-11pm)

2 hour CPD event focussing on various psychiatric drugs that may influence clients who undertake EMDR therapy.


  1. To learn about commonly used medications in psychiatric and relevant side effects.
  2. To learn with case examples the role of medication before, during and after EMDR therapy.
  3. To learn further about Prazosin and similar medications to manage PTSD related symptoms.

Methods: Presentation will be based on clinicians experience along with up-to-date evidence base. Case examples and quizzes will be used to encourage interactive discussions amongst the audience.

CPD Credits:For EMDR Association UK Members: 2 EMDR Association UK CPD credits have been applied for.

About the presenter: The presenter has is an NHS Consultant Psychiatrist with 20 years of clinical experience in this field and an EMDR Europe accredited Consultant for over 15 years. She is an experienced presenter and has had articles published in peer reviewed journals.

Cost: £25 for EMDR Association members.    £50 for non-members

To join EMDR Association UK as a member (currently just £60 per year) go to: https://emdrassociation.org.uk/become-an-accredited-therapist/membership/

Any surplus generated from the event will go directly to the EMDR Association UK Designated Research Fund for projects such as the planned large scale UK study into EMDR and Depression.  Thank you in advance for supporting this through your attendance.

A video record of this event will be made available to delegates for 30 days after the event.

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Dear members of EMDR UK,
The EMDR Europe Annual Conference is just a few months away and we are all looking forward to finally meeting the whole EMDR Europe community again! The Covid-19 outbreak in 2020 has brought many changes and difficult challenges in our lives, imposing severe measures of physical distancing that resulted in the cancellation of many social and education events like our annual Conference. Now, it is time to get together again after months of isolation, and, in this special occasion, we would like to have all our colleagues of EMDR UK with us. The 2021 EMDR Conference will be an exceptional virtual experience that will keep our tradition of providing high-quality sessions, a first-class exhibit hall and social events to allow attendees to catch up with friends and networking. Being a virtual Conference, you will have access to ALL sessions, which will be available “on demand” even after the Conference is over. You can attend this virtual EMDR Europe Conference with no traveling or accommodation costs and with reduced registration fees! We are confident that the Conference will be a rewarding experience for all the attendees, so make sure you do not miss out and register here: https://emdr2021.com/registration-2/ Best regards, Isabel Fernandez

How to use the EMDR DeprEnd protocol

arne hofmannDr. Arne Hofmann and Dr. Maria Lehnung
12th May 2021 0845am start  –  1230pm finish

Severe depression is one of the most common mental disorders and affects between 15-20 % of the general population in their lifetimes. Although many interventions exist, the treatment results are often less than satisfactory. High relapse rates (ranging at 50% after two years), unsatisfactory remissions and suicidal risks are among the major problems.

A growing number of studies shows that stressful life events play a major role also in depressive disorders. Therefore, EMDR comes more and more into focus as a new intervention tool in the treatment of depressive disorders. In the last 10 years our study group has contributed to the 10 randomised controlled studies that show that EMDR is at least equal to CBT treatment in depression (equivalence) but seems to result in more complete remissions. EMDR may therefore be a great contribution to the treatment of depression and also lead to a decreased risk of relapses.


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EMDR UK Conference 2022

EMDR UK Annual Conference & AGM 25th & 26th March 2022, Cardiff

I am delighted to announce this hybrid conference will be held in Wales in 2022.

We have commissioned a rich programme with highly regarded international presenters Dolores Mosquera, Ana Gomez, Kathy Steele who will focus on

It is hoped that we will fill the venue with delegates, presenters, stall holders, and have ample opportunity to meet informally and have a large celebratory gathering for the fundraising dinner. Please note this, and all future conferences, regardless of venue will also be live streamed and recorded in order to outreach extensively and flexibility to meet the needs of the membership.

Booking details and further information launched in the Autumn

The webinar will look at some of the implications of the General Data Protection Regulations for EMDR practitioners both in private practice and in the NHS. We will look at the legal basis for keeping data and sharing it, and when it may or should not be shared. We will also look at the implications for data breaches.

This may sound boring but is very important information for all practitioners to consider. There will be space for questions.

Wednesday 24th February 2021 1700-1800

Meeting ID: 845 6682 5124
Passcode: 250022.

No need to register just click the link on the day.  There is no number limit on attendance.

Aims: To discuss GDPR and emphasise need for awareness in presenting client issues online.

Learning Outcomes: 1. To understand more about GDPR. 2. To appreciate the legal basis for processing information 3. To understand consent does not outweigh legitimate interests.

Teaching Methodology / Format: PowerPoint presentation / questions

Target Audience: Members of the EMDR Association or EMDR trained practitioners.  There will be some non-EMDR content as GDPR is not directly linked to EMDR but it will be related to the needs of EMDR practitioners.  1 CPD credit has been applied for and certificates will be available to download after the event in the Dropbox folder where the recording will be stored.

Cost: Free

Please note: The meeting will be record for clinicians to watch back if they cannot attend the live event and by attending you are consenting to being part of that video and agreeing not to discuss any patient identifiable information

The Presenters

Ericka Johanson is an EMDR Consultant and works in the NHS. She is a trustee of the EMDR Association UK, a member of the governance committee and the Association’s Data Protection Officer.

Louise Mackinney is also an EMDR Consultant and works in private practice. She is Secretary of the EMDR Association UK, Chair of the governance committee and was the previous Data Protection officer.

Conference flyer 2021

We are pleased to announce the opening of registration for the Conference & AGM on Friday 19th March 2021.  Due to the ongoing restrictions, it will be a Virtual Conference rather than as originally planned in Glasgow.  You will note we have an interesting and varied programme which opens with a presentation to mark the 25th Anniversary of Dunblane; and includes topical issues reflected in the keynote, specialist workshops and research presentations. We are confident we will have a stimulating and enriching conference.

As you may recall we planned the EMDR UK conference as a one-day event due to EMDR Europe 2021 Dublin Conference in June, this will now also be a virtual conference, it is hoped EMDR UK members will attend both events.

Conference enquiries: amy@eyas.co.uk

EMDR Conference Programme – updated

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Using EMDR with Clients on the Autism Spectrum

 Naomi Fisher, EMDR Consultant and Facilitator, and Caroline Van Diest, EMDR Trainer

Can we use EMDR with clients on the autistic spectrum?  How? Increasing numbers of clients are coming forwards for EMDR with diagnoses of autistic spectrum disorders and therapists often feel ill-equipped, not knowing how to approach the particular needs of this client group and what the diagnosis means.

In this webinar you’ll learn what the autistic spectrum means (and doesn’t mean), what the research shows and special considerations when using EMDR with people on the autism spectrum.

The seminar will be 90 minutes long with the last 30 minutes being for questions.  1 CPD credit is being applied for from the EMDR Association UK.


Naomi Fisher

Naomi Fisher is an EMDR training facilitator, consultant and clinical psychologist who works with adults, adolescents and children. In 2018 she moved to Paris and has worked online since then.  She has been using EMDR therapy since 2005, including with clients from primary care, NHS complex trauma services, the Metropolitan Police and in private practice.  She supervises remotely across the NHS.   Naomi was the lead presenter for the series of 5 webinars on Online EMDR which the EMDR Association organised in March and April in response to the Covid-19 crisis.  She was also key in the development of the national guidance for Online EMDR published earlier this year by the Association.

Caroline Van Diest

Caroline is an EMDR Europe Accredited Trainer and Consultant. Her teaching style has been described as highly effective, safe and encouraging, enabling her audience to positively learn and develop their clinical practice to a high standard.  Caroline worked in the NHS for 16 years alongside running her own independent CBT/EMDR practice which now operates full time. Caroline is accredited as a Cognitive Behaviour Therapist with the BABCP and provides therapy and supervision utilising CBT and EMDR. Caroline has a keen and special interest in the area of Autistic Spectrum Disorders (ASD). She has provided a number of inhouse presentations on adapting CBT and EMDR for this client group. Caroline has presented at National and Regional conference of adapting EMDR Therapy with individuals with ASD. Caroline continues to provide clinical supervision for an extensive range of staff and services.

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Topic: Using EMDR with Clients on the Autism Spectrum 1400-1530 hrs
Time: Nov 18, 2020 02:00 PM London
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Meeting ID: 842 1280 0697
Passcode: 939242


EMDR North East Region Workshop “EMDR with every Client” with Gus Murray

Sat, October 17, 2020

9:30 AM – 4:00 PM

EMDR North East Region is presenting a One Day ONLINE Autumn workshop via the Zoom Platform; this event will introduce the participants to Gus Murray. There will be an opportunity for questions and answers towards the end of this workshop, with regular comfort breaks throughout the day.

Further information from Gus on the workshop:

“EMDR with every Client” – The use of EMDR as a comprehensive system of Psychotherapy.

Abstract: The effectiveness of EMDR therapy in the treatment of trauma and PTSD is now well established and is supported by numerous randomised control studies. Additionally, a growing body of research is demonstrating the effectiveness of EMDR therapy for the treatment of a wide range of clinical conditions and populations e.g. anxiety disorders – phobias, panic disorder, obsessive-compulsive disorder and generalized anxiety disorder; depression; grief and loss; somatic problems – migraines, chronic pain, eating disorders etc.; performance anxiety; addictions; attachment disorders; personality disorders etc. etc. Similarly, a growing body of clinical and research evidence supports the application of EMDR therapy across the full spectrum of low, moderate and high functioning clients. Notwithstanding these developments, feedback from clinicians and consultants would suggest that the full potential of the clinical application of EMDR therapy is still compromised in terms of the scope of its application to a full range of clinical conditions. Many clinicians also seem to experience difficulty and or reluctance regarding their use of EMDR therapy with more complex and disordered clients. It would appear also that many clinicians stop short of embracing EMDR as a comprehensive system of Psychotherapy and instead introduce EMDR as an element within their existing approach. This workshop aims to address these issues and will provide participants with a range of knowledge and skills to guide the effective integration of EMDR into their clinical practice

Learning Outcomes: Participants will learn: 

1. A comprehensive approach to case formulation, treatment planning and target identification in EMDR Therapy.

2. A comprehensive approach to contracting and developing a working alliance in EMDR Therapy.

3. An expanded appreciation of the role of positive resource networks and their use in EMDR therapy.

4. To address the challenge of maintaining client regulation while accessing and processing traumatic memories in EMDR therapy.

5. To explore the use of EMDR therapy along a continuum from low, moderate to high functioning clients.

6. To explore the use of EMDR therapy in the treatment of a range of clinical conditions and populations.

Workshop content: The workshop will include: 

1. Illustrated presentations of relevant material

2. Demonstrations

3. Experiential application

4. Discussion and questions

Information on the Presenter:

Gus Murray is an EMDR Europe Accredited Trainer and Consultant with over 20 years’ experience in the use of EMDR therapy.

He is a highly experienced Counselling and Psychotherapy trainer having been Programme Director and Lead Trainer at the Cork Institute of Technology for over 25 years.

He is an Integrative Psychotherapist accredited with the Irish Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy and has also completed basic and advanced level training in Somatic Experiencing (SE) and is an accredited SE practitioner. Additionally, he has completed basic and advanced level training in Internal Family Systems (Ego State) therapy and has extensive experience in the teaching and practice of Ego State therapy.

Gus was the recipient of the Carl Berkeley memorial award (2017) from the Irish Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy in recognition of his outstanding contribution to the development of the counselling and psychotherapy profession

Gus is coordinating the development of EMDR Therapy in the Republic of Ireland and represents the Republic of Ireland on the boards of EMDR UK and Ireland and EMDR Europe. He has presented at EMDR conferences and events throughout Ireland and the United Kingdom.


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Chronic Pain and The EMDR Standard Protocol-Free EMDR UK Webinar

1 CPD Point Awarded to EMDR UK Members

Aims: To introduce the varieties of Chronic Pain and how the EMDR standard protocol can help, if not resolve pain completely.

Learning Outcomes:

To Understand the difference between Acute and Chronic Pain

To Be aware of differences in treating Musculoskeletal vs Neuropathic pain

Precautions the treating therapist should take to protect themselves

How EMDR can reveal the precise associative pathways that underlie each pain

This Free Webinar is aimed at Psychological therapists who may have clients with co-morbid Chronic Pain and therapists who specifically get referrals for Chronic Pain Treatment.

Zoom Link for the day is:

Topic: David Pike- Chronic Pain-Free EMDR UK Webinar
Time: Oct 16, 2020 04:00 PM London

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Meeting ID: 883 6637 9489
Passcode: 252978


This will show how the AIP model works in practice with a very difficult client group and give ideas for creativity in how the standard EMDR protocol is implemented

Join us for a full-day workshop: EMDR and Addiction presented by Philip Andrews – EMDR Consultant and EMDR and Dissociation presented by Louise Mackinney EMDR Consultant on the 31st October 2020 from 9.30 am-5.30 pm

6 EMDR Association CPD points awarded for this event.

This will be an online event and CPD Certificates will be awarded following submission of the feedback form.

Working with clients that have an addiction can present some of the toughest challenges that we face as EMDR therapists.

This workshop will look at addiction through the lens of the Adaptive Information Processing Model (AIP). We will look at working with addiction with the standard EMDR 8 phase protocol and also look at adaptions to the standard protocol that may need to be made that will include the Miller Feeling State Addiction Protocol, the Popky DeTUR protocol and the Hase CravEX protocol. We will also consider Parnell’s Attachment Focussed addiction approach.

Live case studies will be presented to you to consider during the workshop.

EMDR and Dissociation Workshop: Practitioners sometimes find it difficult to assess the level of dissociation in clients and the kind of adaptations we might need to make for those who are dissociative.

This workshop will first consider dissociative symptoms and will revise Structural dissociation. We will then think about ways of screening for dissociation, including the DES and the MID. We will explore ways in which standard protocol may need to be adapted and will look at the work of a number of practitioners, including Gonzalez and Mosquera, Paulsen, Knipe and others.

There will be an opportunity to practice some of the skills.

Learning outcomes for the day:

1. Critically consider Addiction through a trauma-focused framework.

2. Gain knowledge of Addiction specific protocols.

3. Reflect on the application of AIP as a theoretical framework pertinent to understanding addiction and subsequent treatment.

4. Explore the utilisation of EMDR therapy as either a sole, serial or parallel treatment intervention for Addiction.

5. Understanding Dissociation and how it presents.

6. Awareness of Clinical Measures used with regards to dissociation and safe practice.

7. Awareness of the theories related to dissociation.

8. Explore the utilisation of EMDR therapy with dissociation.

Please click here to book your place:  https://www.brownpapertickets.com/event/4655615