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06/05/20 – Podcast with Russel Hurn interviewing EMDR UK Association President, Mike O’Connor. Thrown into the aftermath of the Dunblane Massacre Mike speaks about his journey into the EMDR World and the role of EMDR UK in the future. It includes his plans for his presidency including the current challenges of Covid-19. Listen here

08/06/20 – Podcast with Russel Hurn interviewing EMDR UK Association President-Elect, Matt Wesson. International Trainer Matt speaks about his first experiences with EMDR and the power of the technique for Armed Forces personnel. He discusses online training and key messages for practice.  Listen here

30/06/20 – Podcast with Russel Hurn interviewing Sandi Richman. EMDR Trainer, Consultant Trainer and founding member of the association Sandi reflects on her early training with Francine Shapiro. She recalls her first experiences of EMDR and the building blocks of the association. Listen here

10/07/20 – Podcast with Russel Hurn interviewing Phil Mansfield. Charismatic International Trainer and Author Dr Phillip Manfield discusses his personal experience of the power of EMDR. He speaks about the importance of effective preparation, the power of the Flash Technique and exciting new plans to help care workers following the COVID -19 Crises. Listen here