War in Ukraine

Dear Colleagues 

I am writing to you to let you know the EMDR community across Europe, including EMDR UK, has responded to a heartfelt plea from EMDR Ukraine for help and support following the invasion of their country.  I know that many of you will wish to be of help in whatever way you can.  As you can imagine providing the right kind of support at the right time and to those most in need is a complex process.  EMDR Europe are co-ordinating the offers of help and support that are flooding in from EMDR National Associations across Europe.  To give you an idea of what is happening I am sharing the latest message from EMDR Europe.

At this stage the Polish Red Cross are the leading organisation providing humanitarian assistance to the thousands of refugees fleeing Ukraine, the priority being to provide food, shelter and safety at this stage.

Mike O’Connor
President EMDR UK
On behalf of the Trustees EMDR UK

UPDATE 24.6.22: EMDR UK has made a £10k donation to EMDR Europe to support Ukraine related projects.  It has also offered free EMDR Accredited courses and associated clinical supervision to EMDR Ukraine so more clinicians can train in this model.  


Documents and resources

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Response from EMDR Europe

Initial Response on Ukraine Crisis from EMDR Europe dated 03/03/22

“Dear Colleagues

Thank you all for your overwhelming reaction to the situation we are facing now, and Ukraine is facing in particular. The spirit of EMDR Europe, its Board members, the National associations have already been shown in an impressive manner. Many offers for help were addressed to the Executive Committee in the past few days, very concrete and very helpful. We want to coordinate these and communicate them to the Board, membership and trained clinicians in Ukraine in order to help and support them.

At the same time many National Associations are already working on site, like Poland in the refugee camps at the border with Ukraine.

The Executive Committee of EMDR Europe”