The EMDR Association’s aim is for every member to have access to a regional group and the chance to contribute towards, and to be consulted on, Association matters. However, it requires the interest and availability of members at a local level to get involved on a voluntary basis, just as members of the Association’s board are all volunteers.

Some regions have a formally elected regional group, whereas others may have less formal “interest groups” that meet regularly and may arrange guest speakers or training events.

The majority of regions have a regional contact, and they are listed below. They have volunteered to act as a communication point and should be able to let members know what is going on in their area.

For more information on the role of regional or special interest groups, please download the Regional Groups Handbook.

The Association’s Regional and Special Interest Group Coordinator (RSIGC) can be contacted for advice and support on any matters relating to the regional and special interest groups by email

Regional groups reps

Scotland Central

Millia Begum


Annette Morris

North West

Emma McClane


Jackie Gess

Beds, Bucks & Herts

Christine Habermehl

East Anglia

Michelle Griffiths-Reeve


Ines Santos


Philip Andrews


Antonia Scott Lawson

West Midlands

Liz Doggart

Near West

Lucy Nicholas

South West

John Campbell Beattie

North East

Clare Layhe

South Central

Deborah Fish

Special Interest Groups

Special Interest Groups consist of members who share an interest in a particular client group, area of work or issue. They can be formed subject to the Association Council being satisfied that the establishment of the Group will support and enhance the Objects of the Association.

Members are free to join any Group that supports their interests within the Association. You can find out more about Special Interest Groups through contacting them direct, reading about their activities in the Newsletter or via the Regional and Special Interest Groups co-ordinator by email

EMDR and Spirituality

Alexandra Dent


Caroline Van Diest

EMDR and Refugee & Migrant SIG

Matthew Wilcockson

EMDR and Forensic SIG

Chelsea Wynn

Perinatal EMDR SIG

Miriam Inder

Sexology EMDR SIG

Rima Hawkins

EMDR and Eating Disorders SIG

Pam Virdi


Romy Sherlock

EMDR and Depression SIG

Jane Giles

National Association

President Matthew Wesson
Secretary Louise MacKinney
Regional Group Coordinator Louise MacKinney
Past President Mike O’Conner m.o’
President Elect Kath Norgate