Why become a member?

Membership of the EMDR Association brings you lots of benefits as a therapist, and you need to be a member before you can become an Accredited EMDR Practitioner or Consultant. Membership and accreditation keeps EMDR practice in the UK high-quality, accountable and professional.

You can become a member of the EMDR Association after completing Part 1 of your EMDR training.

Membership benefits

By joining the Association you will also be supporting the promotion and dissemination of information about EMDR to decision makers and the wider public.

Become a member

Apply to become a member of the EMDR Association by filling in these 2 online forms:

  1. Membership Application Form EMDR2014b
  2. Direct Debit Form

If you have finished Part 1 but are still in training and have not yet received a completion certificate you can join FREE for one year by using this form  (Trainee Membership App Form) and the Direct Debit mandate above.  No payment will be taken until the first 12 months is completed.