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EMDR UK Conference & AGM 2021

The annual EMDR UK conference takes place on 19 March 2021 online and is NOW open for bookings. 

Information and booking

Free EMDR Webinars

Following on from the success of our free webinars on Online EMDR Therapy (recordings still available here), we are now offering regular free webinars on other subjects related to EMDR.

If you missed this or past webinars they are still available and can still be found via “Other Webinars” on this link here.

  • If you are an EMDR Therapist and would like to offer a free webinar to your colleagues we would love to hear from you – please contact

EMDR Therapy Quarterly

This is now available to non-members with an interest in EMDR Therapy Research and practice

MOST RECENT EDITION : Winter 2021 Vol 3 No 1

This and all future version are now in a new E-edition to make for easier reading on computers, tablets and mobiles

Autumn 2020 Vol 2 No 4

Summer 2020 Vol 2 No 3

Spring 2020 Vol 2 No 2 (Covid-19 Special Edition)

Winter 2020 Vol 2 No 1

Spring 2019 Vol 1 No 1

Summer 2019 Vol 1 No 2

Previous issues are available for members in the Members section here


  • We are really excited to launch our podcast series! This is a selection of interviews with key figures in the EMDR community or clinicians/researchers discussing key EMDR subjects.
  • Click here and listen to the podcast series.
  • The latest Podcast is where Ana Gomez talks passionately about her extensive experience delivering EMDR creatively with children, the importance of play in the AIP model and the exciting work of the Global Child EMDR Alliance available here
  • If you want to volunteer to be interviewed and have something interesting to say about EMDR therapy please get in touch.

President’s mailings / updates

Online EMDR Therapy / Covid-19 issues

There are a large amount of resources held in the pages below including EMDR UK guidance, free webinars, articles, weblinks, etc.

Information for clients

Information for therapists

Latest EMDR Academic Articles

  • A selection of EMDR articles mainly provided by EMDR Europe. If you have copyright free articles relating to EMDR therapy, please contact us.

EMDR Information Videos

  • To see the EMDR International Association video on EMDR click here


A Guide to the Storytelling (Narrative) Approach in EMDR Therapy by Robin Logie et al. Published by: Trauma Aid UK, 2020. £15. Proceeds go to Trauma Aid UK. Using Stories in EMDR is a comprehensive guide to the incorporation of storytelling into the practice of EMDR. Based on the work of Joan Lovett, the book provides a theoretical background and context for the use of storytelling before describing a detailed step-by-step guide to this approach. The book includes five detailed case studies based on the work of the authors. To buy the book: