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Generic Practitioner Application

Your application may be submitted using the original practitioner form OR the algorithm form (NOT BOTH).  

The algorithm version is an ALTERNATIVE to be used, if desired, in place of the original form that requires written descriptive content.  

Application form

Please submit one application form only.




Both updated June 2023

On page 15 Additional information: the accreditation committee expects the refering consulatant to write a detailed descriptive reference including such information as clinical background of applicant, client group and work setting as well as appreciation of visees particular skills/strengths and perhaps something of their journey towards accreditation.  This should be no shorter than 250 words and no longer than 750.

Supporting documents

The Algorithm Excel Spreadsheet can be used, if desired, as an aid to supervision OR to calculate scores to enter in the Algorithm version of the Practitioner Application Form

An extracted Section V (Reference page) from the main form. This will enable you to send the second reference off separately if you need to.