Become an EMDR Europe accredited therapist

Accreditation is a mark of your competence and trustworthiness as an EMDR therapist. As an accredited therapist, people looking for help can feel confident knowing that you have reached a certain level of experience and expertise and have accountability in place.

Once you have accreditation from EMDR Europe (the overarching body of which the EMDR Association UK is a member), you can be listed on this website under the ‘Find a Therapist’ feature so that potential clients or referrers can find you. You can only accredit if you have completed an EMDR Europe training and have supervision from an EMDR Europeconsultant.

EMDR therapists can be accredited at 3 levels – Practitioner, Consultant and Trainer. Practitioner and Consultant accreditation details are below. Details on how to become an EMDR Trainer can be found here: