Meet the team

Matthew Wesson

President. Also a member of the Scientific & Research Committee. Executive Committee. Board Member and Trustee. Volunteer.

Matthew Wesson
Along with preparing for the Presidency in 2022, my main portfolio for The EMDR Association is the website and as the IT co-ordinator. I am also a deputy chair of the Scientific & Research Committee. I am passionate about progressing the scientific agenda of EMDR therapy in the UK, engaging the expertise of our members and also professionalising the Association so we can continue to grow and flourish. Outside of my board work I am an EMDR Europe Accredited Senior Trainer and Consultant.’

Why did you choose to train (or retrain) in EMDR therapy?

Whilst I was serving in the military an Army colleague trained in 1998 and was so enthusiastic about EMDR therapy that I thought I had to train to find out more for myself.

What is your favourite place on the planet?

The west coast of Scotland (on a sunny day!!)



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