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Marian Tobin

Chair of the Conference Committee and member of the Accreditation Committee. Trustee & Board Member. Volunteer

Marian Tobin
My clinical and management background is within adult mental health statutory and voluntary sector services in London.

Why did you choose to train (or retrain) in EMDR therapy?

I trained in EMDR in Amsterdam in the late 90’s. As a systemic therapist I recognised that trauma associated with poor attachment, neglect, abuse, familial /political atrocities was at the core of the mental health torment of my clients and I needed greater therapeutic expertise to help alleviate their suffering. EMDR Therapy has ever since been life changing for my clients.

I am an EMDR Consultant and Facilitator involved in EMDR Training & CPD events. I provide EMDR supervision to NHS clinicians and voluntary organisations.

What is your favourite place on the planet?

I have many favourite places, but Istanbul on a terrace at sunset overlooking the Aya Sofya to my right, the Blue Mosque to my left, a warm breeze from the Bosphorus, the scent of jasmine in the air and watching Sufi dancing amidst the noise and bustle of this cultural and enchanting city, captures elements of everything I love, both ancient and modern, European and Asian.