Meet the team

Ericka Johanson

National Regional Coordinator, Data Protection Officer, Information Governance Committee, Board Member and Trustee. Volunteer

Ericka Johanson
I am also part of the Information Governance (IG) Committee.  As part of the IG Committee I work to ensure our policies and procedures are current and meet the needs of the membership and their clients. I am a firm advocate of EMDR and have worked hard at both Cell and Regional level to put EMDR on the map in the North East of England.  I am an accredited member and consultant working in the Newcastle IAPT service and also have a small private practice.

Why did you choose to train (or retrain) in EMDR therapy?

Having completed a Masters in Person Centred Counselling at Durham University and later a PGDip in CBT at Newcastle University, I felt I needed more to help my clients deal with the great difficulties and horrors they had endured.  EMDR does this and is a humanistic approach, which fits with my core model of working.

What is your favourite place on the planet?

My favourite place and time is 5pm on what has been a blistering hot afternoon, watching a burnished sun slowly dip below the horizon of the Arabian Sea on Baga Beach in Goa, India, while listening to Dire Straits playing the Sultans of Swing.   Not hard to guess where my safe place is!