About EMDR Association UK

The EMDR Association UK is the professional body for EMDR clinicians and researchers seeking the highest standards of EMDR clinical practice in the United Kingdom.

We are constantly striving to support EMDR therapists by improving the practice and understanding of EMDR therapy. Membership of the EMDR Association UK provides opportunities for accreditation, peer supervision, training, CPD events, regional and special interest groups and information on the latest research.

Our Mission

To alleviate suffering and promote personal growth in those who have experienced trauma and other adverse life events by providing skillful, compassionate and effective EMDR therapy. We do this by advancing the theory and practice of EMDR, and through our commitment to ensuring the highest standards of treatment, research, continuing professional development and ethical practice.

Our Vision

Realising the potential of people through EMDR therapy.

Our Strategic Aims

Through the implementation of our strategic aims we will strive to:

  1. Influence decision making by informing and educating the general public, employers, NHS commissioners, policymakers and government, of the evidence-base for EMDR therapy and of the value of EMDR therapy in addressing the mental health needs of those affected by trauma and other adverse life events.
  2. Include and seek to maximise the participation of all our members and others with an interest in EMDR therapy by creating a tolerant, respectful, supportive, and collaborative EMDR community. A community of equals where diversity in all its forms is valued.
  3. Develop the evidence-base for EMDR therapy and the knowledge, skills, and professionalism of our members. We will do this by supporting research initiatives by members, academic institutions, and other organisations with an interest in EMDR, as well as by providing our members with learning opportunities, access to resources, encouragement to participate in specialist groups and other learning or communication forums.
  4. Regulate and review the accreditation process of our members by providing a clear, transparent, and accessible system of accreditation. By doing this we will support the clinical development of our members and advance the highest standards and ethical practice of EMDR therapy to the benefit of the public.
  5. Sustain the development of the EMDR Association UK through efficient, prudent, and ethical management of all its activities and resources.

Our Values

  1. Commitment, excellence, and collaboration
    We are committed to the development of EMDR therapy, striving for the highest standards, valuing collaboration and consultation with our members and others with an interest in EMDR.
  2. Openness, accountability, responsibility
    We aim to be open and accountable in all that we do and take responsibility for our actions.
  3. Respect, integrity, and trust
    We believe that treating others with respect helps to build and maintain trust. As an organisation there should be integrity in all that we do, and we expect that of our members.
  4. Equality, diversity, equity, and inclusion
    We promote equality, believing that it is ethically and morally necessary as an organisation, which in turn benefits everyone. We recognise and strive to enhance a diverse membership, which provides a richer and fairer experience for all our members and the people we work with. We believe that valuing our differences as well as our commonalities will strengthen inclusion. New ethical code here [link to follow]

EMDR Association UK Team

EMDR Association UK is a charity with a voluntary Board of Trustees which takes responsibility for managing the affairs of the Association. We also have a small group of part-time staff to help us run the organisation and support our members. Please explore our Meet The Team page to find out more.

EMDR Europe

For information about EMDR in the wider European region, please visit the website of the EMDR Europe Association.

EMDR Europe has uploaded its 20th Anniversary video on YouTube:

Ethical Code of EMDR

To view the Statement of Ethical Principles of EMDR Europe, which incorporates the EMDR Association UK, please follow this link:

EMDR Europe Code of Ethics (updated Jul 2022)

Our Patron

Sir Terry Waite KCMG CBE

“I am delighted to support the EMDR Association UK and raise awareness of this wonderful, often life-saving, and most effective of therapeutic treatments. I was very fortunate not to have suffered from post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) after spending five years in captivity, but there are many people with this debilitating and life threatening condition, who could be helped if they knew about EMDR.  The therapy has very prestigious endorsements including World Health Organisation (WHO) approval for the treatment of PTSD in both adults and children. I hope these endorsements and the implementation of the WHO’s Mental Health Action Plan will further its use throughout the world, benefitting many more people who have had terrible experiences they are struggling to come to terms with.”

Terry Waite CBE Biography


If you have a complaint about the conduct of an individual EMDR therapist, your complaint should be directed to the professional or regulatory body with whom they are registered. Please see our Policies Page which includes the Association’s own complaints policy.

Other EMDR Association UK Policies

If you would like further details about our other policies including Code of Conduct for Members, Equality & Diversity Policy, Media Relations Policy, Political Campaigning Policy, and Privacy Policy, please follow this link: Click Here for Policy Page