Please note, various media coverage is shown here in order to share with you many different people’s experiences of EMDR treatment. For authoritative descriptions and definitions of the therapy please return to this site as the EMDR Association UK is not responsible for third party content.

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September 2020

An excellent, in-depth description of EMDR on Youtube by Heather Cuffe, EMDR practitioner and Trauma Clinical Lead for an NHS Trust.  Heather is being interviewed by a tinnitus expert in Australia researching trauma therapy, as trauma can affect or cause the onset of tinnitus.

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September 2019

A new video is launched about EMDR Therapy by the EMDR International Association. A great introduction to the what and why of this amazing therapy.

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May 2019

Russell Brand interviewed Jameela Jamil about how EMDR helped her manage childhood trauma. (If you are offended by swearing please be warned in advance that there is some during this interview).

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