Launch of the new EMDR Association UK Forums

27 March, 2023

In March 2023, all 5,600 Association UK members were invited to join the new Forums, which are designed to facilitate improved communication, sharing of best practice and a supportive environment for all.  It is a web-based series of searchable forums including lots of different topics: including general, child and adolescent, NHS, research, accreditation, CPD events, finding an emdr therapist or supervisor.  It provides a facility for daily or weekly email summaries, so members can see what is going on without being deluged by emails.  There have been some fascinating discussions and the Forums are supported by a moderation team of Rae Young, Dannie Rossenhammer, Nadia Wyatt and Justin Havens.

If you are an Association member and you want to login, please go to the Bulletin Board for introduction videos and more information

If you aren’t a member of the Association, and want to take advantage of these Forums and many other member benefits, please go to to find out how to join the association.

Justin Havens
Chair of the Communications Committee
EMDR Association UK