Landmark publication for EMDR therapy

04 November, 2022

One of the largest and most cited research publications in the world, Frontiers in Psychology, has produced a special edition dedicated entirely to EMDR therapy for the second time in its history.  It brings together new scientific evidence, clinical experiences, reviews and opinion pieces, in sixteen articles with 77 authors contributing to its realisation.  

Some authors have published their studies and research with the support of EMDR Europe, whose President, Isabel Fernandez comments:  

“The body of research behind EMDR therapy is growing and it’s important for our members to share it through their communication channels:—volume-ii

Matthew Wesson, President of EMDR Association UK says:  

Frontiers recognises the high-level of interest in EMDR as a psychological therapy, bringing together a comprehensive collection of recent work showing its efficacy for PTSD and other psychopathologies.  This is another landmark publication for EMDR therapy covering psychological factors; theoretical models that could explain the role of EMDR in treatment processes; and considering its integration with other psychotherapies.”