EMDR Europe issues statement on crisis in Ukraine

02 March, 2022

Statement of EMDR Europe Association regarding the situation in Ukraine

EMDR Europe Association represents 38 National Associations from all over Europe, and more than 30.000 psychotherapists specialized in EMDR, a powerful therapy for post-traumatic disorders and other mental conditions, with recommendation from the World Health Organization. As psychotherapists and specialists in psychological trauma, we know the severe psychological impacts of war and we are aware that this creates long lasting traumatization in many ways for several generations. All European countries have been exposed to war in the last century and these sad hours are again in the mind of all of us now. This is another reason why we need to stop war.

We would like to send our deepest sympathy to the individuals exposed, their families and loved ones. We are in great pain and sorrow for the people, the families, the children, and also our Ukrainian colleagues and their patients. We are all suffering together with them.

We are deeply saddened and concerned by the situation in Ukraine and we urge all decision makers across Europe to engage in peaceful measures that could bring an end to this suffering of our brothers and sisters in Eastern Europe.

It was the hope of Francine Shapiro Ph.D., the developer of EMDR, to bring relief to people around the world with EMDR, also as a way to stop the circle of violence and enhance peace among humans. EMDR Europe and the EMDR National Associations over Europe will continue to follow this quest for peace, especially in such a period of our European history.

EMDR Europe Association and its members take their responsibility as National EMDR Associations and as psychotherapists and are ready to provide specialized psychological aid and support and bring relief to the individuals from Ukraine who are fleeing from the war.
In the same manner we expect that decisions makers in Europe and elsewhere will take any decision that will bring the crisis in Ukraine to an end and limit the human suffering as much as possible.

We are willing to do everything we can so that peace will prevail very soon.

Isabel Fernandez (President – Italy)
Olivier Piedfort-Marin (Vice President – Switzerland) Eva Muenker-Kramer (Vice President – Austria) Maeve Crowley (Secretary – United Kingdom)
Judit Havelka (Treasurer – Hungary)

February 26 , 2022